Costruzioni Chiusure Ermetiche

C.C.E. Costruzioni Chiusure Ermetiche Srl was set up in 1980 to produce automatic door drop-down seals, a crucial accessory for preventing those annoying draughts that get under the door. The usefulness of the application and the state-of-the-art technology applied made the product an immediate success.

The automatic seals industry has in time also branched out into the safety systems sector, with the production of pressure sensitive edges to make automatic doors safe. Observance of the latest standards and use of quality raw materials quickly made a name for C.C.E. pressure sensitive edges as some of the finest on the market.

What makes C.C.E. stand out from the crowd is our ability to develop made-to-measure products for our customers, taking care of everything from the initial concept to final production. We have a dedicated research and development team who can produce 3D stereo-lithographic prototypes, used to study the seals before they go into production. C.C.E. also has its own workshop and an injection moulding division to streamline the whole production process, a significant advantage for the customer when it comes to delivery times.


C.C.E. has always bought its raw materials from companies based throughout Italy, helping create a network of suppliers with an international vocation while supporting local business.
Certification to ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 Standards is not just a question of paperwork here at C.C.E. but the consequence of our professional philosophy, from creating a safe, dynamic and efficient workplace, to guaranteeing products of the very highest quality for customers wherever they are in the world.

C.C.E. puts great emphasis on environmental protection and energy savings, using material free of harmful substances, renewable energy while buying from suppliers who adopt the same philosophy. The company has launched the ISO 14001 certification process which will be completed in 2022.
It’s the company’s vocation for C.C.E. to imagine right now what the market will be looking for in the future, always encouraging creativity in the design of new products that could improve our surroundings.