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A vast range of products to close those annoying draughts under doors.

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Series of complimentary products for draught exclusion and noise reduction.
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Save money, leave the cold outside

Automatic door bottoms, commonly called draught excluders, are automatic devices that drop a seal down to the floor as the door closes. They are activated by a button pressed against the door jamb to perfectly seal the gap between the door and floor. Keeping draughts of air, smoke, dust and noise out of an environment contributes to greater comfort, guaranteeing savings in terms of the amount of energy required to heat or cool the same.

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Partecipazione a Beopen Brescia

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Partecipazione a YED/ColfertExpo 2024

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L'edizione 2024 del catalogo ''Automatic DropDown Seal'' è disponibile

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New video Glass line

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