Why choose C.C.E.

Qualità CCE


– CCE can count on more than 30 year experience in the sector of automatic drop-down seals for doors.
– CCE is ISO 9001 / ISO 45001 certified and looks with care to quality and safety in all the firm activities.
– CCE’s automatic drop-down seals for acoustic and fire doors are certified by prestigious international Institutes as IFT Rosenheim, Exova, Cambridge Fire Research, IFC Group.
– CCE uses high quality recyclable materials like T6 6060 aluminum and all the plastic materials employed in extrusion and moulding are of first quality.
– All the productive processes undergo strict internal Quality Tests from incoming raw materials to the  finished product.

Tecnologia CCE


– In constant development CCE owns numerous patents as the self-leveling tilting movement and the exclusive hydraulic delayed drop of the seal.
– Its internal Research & Development unit consisting on a moulding laboratory and a 3D prototyping system allows to reduce time and costs for every project.
– CCE can count on an internal unit for Air/Water/Wind tests to check and increase the performances of its sealing systems before the tests for official certifications.
– CCE’s Automatic drop-down seals are equipped with a rigid trust-roads system in glass-fiber reinforced nylon material to guarantee maximum efficiency and uniformity of pressure of the seal on any kind of floor.

Gamma CCE

Products Range

– CCE produces more than 50 different models of different dimensions and use to meet the structural needs of any kind of door (security doors, wooden doors, PVC doors).
– Many products are available with different combinations of plungers, seals and fixing methods (by pre-assembled screws or by lateral steel brackets).
– CCE dedicated a whole family of products to the world of glass doors as well as a series of products with the revolutionary hydraulic delayed drop of the seal.
– In addition to automatic drop-down seals for doors CCE also produces a wide range of accessories to increase the efficiency of its products.

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– Thanks to the Research & Development unit and its internal supply chain CCE can design customized solutions for the clients with consistent advantages in terms of time and costs.
– CCE can offer to the clients a rapid delivery time and customized packaging thanks to its productive flexibility and the all internal supply chain.
– CCE operates in more than 55 countries all over the world and counts on an ever evolving commercial network.