CHRONOSEAL – A revolution time

CHRONOSEAL is a range of automatic door bottoms with a revolutionary concept.
It features an hydraulic deceleration system (patented) which drops the seal to the ground few seconds later than the door is completely shut.
The Chronoseal family offers two different lines of products, Chronosoft (with slow tilting drop) and Chronoclick (with horizontal snap drop), each one available in different sizes.

Advantages: no frictions when closing the door, absence of noise and no wearing of the seal, no adjustments required.

IDROZERO – Keep the water out

IDROZERO is an automatic drop down seal certified for water tightness up to Class 9A, according to EN12208.


IDROZERO – Installation guide

Technical video which shows how to install the new product IDROZERO. IDROZERO is an automatic drop down seal certified for water tightness up to Class 9A, according to EN12208.


ONE SIZE – Fits all

ONE SIZE is the first automatic drop down seal of a single size, which eliminates the problems of limited maximum trimming that standard drop down seals have. Its particular structure allows the dropseal to be trimmed almost infinitely, avoiding de facto the necessity to manage many codes and many sizes in the warehouse, to be able to fulfil all the requests of different door sizes.

ONE SIZE – Fitting instructions

One Size models are very easy to trim and install, watch this video and discover the secrets of the infinite trimming.


This video shows the effects of the usage of automatic door bottoms in various situations, to protect your ambience from air leaks, dust, noise and insects.

In case of uneven floors, with joints or bumps, the best solution is to use door bottom models with Filler technology, with the cross cuts seals (patented) which allows for a perfect aderence to the floor.

Model Maxi Filler, for example, is capable of 52dB of noise reduction besides a perfect closing on the floor.


For the DIY world, CCE offers to its customers an high quality product with very easy installation process.
Model Applique is available in three different finishings, white, brown or silver anodized and can be installed in few minute.
This new HD video all the steps for a correct installation of the automatic door bottom are showed.
Model Applique can be installed on both faces of the door, according to the situation/preferences.

Glass Line

Glass doors are often used in shops and prestige buildings. CCE has a complete line of automatic door bottoms and perimetral seals to ensure the gaps around the glass door are closed, to prevent air leakings and dust to enter the room. This video shows the installment of model GLASS and model GLASS LIP on a typical glass door of a shop.


Model TREND is an automatic door bottom with a small size but with good sound insulation. It’s concealed under the door and this video shows the fixing procedure, which is generally valid also for other concealed automatic door bottom models.


Model ECOAPPLIQUE is a face-mounted automatic door bottom, suitable on every kind of door. It’s easy to install and perfect for the DIY world. The video shows the fixing procedure and adjustments needed.