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C.C.E. announces a great revolution on automatic door bottoms world: the Filler seals.
The new self-modeling acoustic seal (CCE patent) allows the automatic door bottoms to close gaps on every kind of uneven floor, even the harshest or with tile joints.
Look at this video and you can experience the great features of this revolutionary drop down seal.



Maxi Filler can close gaps with the floor up to 20mm and it still retains an outstanding sound insulation, up to 52dB certified by IFT Rosenheim. It can be fixed in many ways, with premounted screws under the gasket, with front brackets or removing the internal profile. Maxi Filler is the perfect synthesis of all the automatic door bottom performances.

The “Filler” family of automatic door bottoms is available in seven different models which can be produced with the new revolutionary self-modeling seal.
After presenting the first model MAXI FILLER (15×28 mm) the new models available are MINI FILLER (13×30 mm), SUPERIOR FILLER (14×35 mm) and DOUBLE FILLER (25×28 mm with double seal), 13X28 FILLER (13x28mm) and TREND FILLER (12x20mm).


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