Glass Sealing System, for your glass doors.

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The world of glass doors is increasing its usage every day, with new styles and tecniques appearing constantly.
C.C.E., with its great experience in the field of automatic door bottoms for special doors, has created two new products of understated and elegant appearance to install automatic drop down seals directly at the bottom of the nude glass: GLASS BOTTOM, for hinged doors, and GLASS BOTTOM SLIDE for sliding doors.

Both models can be installed on 10 mm and 12 mm thick glasses with an extra strong VHB double adhesive tape, which leaves no visible traces.


Model GLASS BOTTOM SLIDE has a revolutionary closing system with a reverse actuation: when doors closes, passing on the floor guide, a lever causes the automatic drop down seal to close on the floor.




To seal correctly a glass door C.C.E. introduced also two new items dedicated to closing the gaps around the perimeter of glass doors: GLASS LIP and GLASS LIP SLIDE. These are two adhesive seals designed for easy and lasting installation on hinged and sliding glass doors.




GLASS LIP is an adhesive perimetric seal for glass doors and walls of simple and easy fitting. It can be applied with a template which allows a perfect positioning always in the centre of the glass. It consists of a soft transparent seal with lips which is quickly installed with an high strenght transparent adhesive. The seal lips can be shortened simply tearing off part of the lip, to meet gaps from 2,5 to 7 mm.

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